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  My Profile

I am a native Hebrew speaker, who was born in Israel and educated abroad where I learned English at a  very young age.

I have been an English to Hebrew translator since 1987 and my education includes:

  •    BA in English literature (Bar Ilan University, 1979).
  •  Graduate certificate in Hebrew language editing  (Beit Berl College, 1992).
  •  Graduate certificate in Translation and Translation Editing   (Tel Aviv University, 2000).
  •  IoL Diploma in Translation (English>Hebrew)                                     
During my 29 years as a translator I have acquired a reputation for delivering accurate, high-quality translations to schedule.

I can translate all of your personal certificates as well as your educational and professional credentials, business or legal documents and your websites.

On a more personal note, I translate eulogies, speeches for family or other events, greetings and correspondence, etc., conveying your message in Hebrew while retaining your own personal voice.

Legal Translation 

I have a wealth of experience translating contracts, wills  and other legal documents from Hebrew to English and vice versa.

As for the translation of legal documents from Hebrew to English, all my work is reviewed by a native English speaking lawyer.

My past work experience includes translations of:

  • Real estate – purchase & sale agreements, various forms.
  • Labor relations – expert opinions, employment agreements.
  • Family matters – prenuptials, divorce agreements, wills and estates.
  • Companies and non-profits – Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Narrative Statements, etc.
  • Official certificates and records – matriculation certificates, grade transcripts, military and police records, diplomas earned in other countries for accreditation in Israel, and more.
  • Claims, Defenses, Affidavits, POAs, etc.

You are welcome to contact me for more information or to receive a quote.

  I look forward to working with you!